Sunday, December 30, 2007

Heartbreak and the Park 30ks

Started out a bit late this morning unfortunately due to work. Took off at 9:30am which wasn't good as the day was already heating up.
Ran down to Rose Bay and up Heart break hill via the usual route through Clovelly and Bondi Junction. Up the hill to Christison Park and then back home via Dover Heights and Bondi Junction again.
Then I did a loop of Centennial and Moore Park to finish for the morning which by this stage was the afternoon.

All up 30.15ks in 2:35.50. Average pace of 5:10 per klm. A bit slow but it was pretty warm when I started and got hotter towards midday.


Jen_runs said...

Good effort Flakey. It was REALLY hot out there this morning.

Have fun at the Black Stump - unfortunately I won't be doing it this year

Tesso said...

Nice going on the long one Flakey. Dunno how you can run so 'late' in the day!


Ewen said...

I thought my 5:36/km was fast, and the biggest hill was the bridge!