Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Black Stump Fatass 33ks

A tough way to start a New Year. Got breath tested on the way to the race. Arrived at Berowra community hall early and waited for the CR masses to arrive. Race was to start at 7am and after a few words from KT we were off. You run about a k around the streets of Berowra before heading into the bush. The hills started early even on the black top before we went into the bush.

The bush down to the ferry varied from wide open bush trails to single file climb down rocks type stuff which was pretty dangerous in parts. Had two falls in this section before the ferry. Added to the scar collection when I fell on an open section without any rocks around. Lucky.

Arrived at the ferry and waited for the crossing of Berowra creek. A very long 5k hill climb on the tar up the other side. Ran this very well I thought and passed a lot of the runners who got off the ferry with me. I was about the last off.

Into the bush eventually and we headed for the castle. Good open bush track at the start and then into very steep and rough rock climbing expeditions down to the castle. Touched the castle and already felt like I wanted to stop. Back out again and we had to climb up about 4ks before we got to run some trail again.
Grabbed a drink up the top of the trail before getting back onto the road. Headed down to the ferry really quick and managed to catch all the runners who had passed me going to the castle. Bad luck for them as I had a rest across the water.

Then the fun started as I worked out the hill back up was a goat track of single file, stairs of timber and cuts into the rock. Brutal on the legs which had 25ks in them. I was so glad that the hills in the bush finally ended and I had another drink before hitting the road for the 3k run back to the start.

Finally finished in 3:49.32. Average pace of 6:57 per klm. This includes the ferry rides and the rock climbing exploits needed for the run. Maybe I'll run back along the road next year after getting off the ferry. Beers were good at the finish as well.
At least I have another long run for Six Foot and Canberra.


Jen_runs said...

I'm really sorry to have missed it this year.

Sorry to hear about the falls but that's a good effort given your long run on Sunday.

Happy new year !

Tom said...

Happy New Year mate. Sounds like a great start to it. This run must be for the true running obsessives!

Tesso said...

Beers at the finish ... lucky you were breath tested on the way there :)

Horrie said...

That is one tough run Flake. Don't go getting soft on us and taking the road back to the start next year. Remember, it is all good training for 6 Foot.