Friday, January 18, 2008

Easy 12k

Ran over to centennial park tonight and ran the Twilight 10k race at an easy pace.
Did the 1st 5ks with Horrie but he was a bit quick for the pace I wanted so I let him go.
Eventually came back around the course to run 52 mins for the 10k.

All up 1k over 10k race and 1k back home again. Nice rain falling throughout the run. It was fantastic.
I could have some added weight for the race tomorrow night if the rain keeps up. 86 second laps tomorrow night shouldn't be a problem. Just have to stop that 1st k from being too quick and then not back off the middle 3 which I tend to do in a 5k.


Jen_runs said...

Good luck tonight! Hope the rain eases up for you!

Ewen said...

Say g'day to Anthony (North Canberra) - he's hoping to run 14:10.

The 4th km is the one to watch - very easy to lose 10 seconds in that one. Good luck.

Tom said...

Good luck this afternoon mate. Try and find someone to stick to during the middle of the race.

Tesso said...

Goooooo Flakey!!!