Sunday, January 06, 2008

Centennial Park 31ks

Missed waking up this morning a few times. By the time I thought about running it was 4 o'clock. Not ideal with the temp bordering the high 30's and not much cloud cover to protect from global warming or is that the hole in the ozone layer. Who knows? It was hot, you get the picture!
When I finally started running I thought someone had tied a couple of bags of cement to my legs. I just had no energy to run with today. Maybe I should have retired after black stump.

Did three different loops around Centennial Park, the SCG, SFS and Fox Studios. Running on concrete, tar, dirt, sand, grass, plus a few tree roots in the park.

Finished with 31ks in 2:37.35. Average pace of 5:05 per klm. Very hard work today. I'm stuffed.


Jen_runs said...

No need to retire. Just get out of bed earlier :-P

(*says she who slept in late yesterday & did her ride when it was late & hot too!*)

Ewen said...

Reading that makes me glad to be on the jen-runs program for 6'.

Rob said...

I thought I was reading my own blog there for a minute. Seems like we shared similar Sunday Mornings.

Gronk said...

That's a really hard run mate. Note sure that I could keep focused for that long being close to home and not bail out in that heat. Well done.