Saturday, January 19, 2008

Homebush Track 5000m

Oh the pain. A good first k and then all down hill or maybe it was uphill as I felt like I was running uphill for 12 and a half laps.

Official time was 18:31.13. Off my PB and off the time I wanted. Nearly everyone at the track had the same problem. Very hard work tonight. 20 degrees and 96% humidity while we had showers as well. The track was very wet.
Splits don't add up but they were- 3:35.9, 3:38.2, 3:50.1, 3:49.8, 3:35.8.
Looking at those splits I have mostly fixed the first 2ks and the last k. Now for k 3 and 4 before the State 5k in 12 days.

They split the race in two so we old and young slow hacks ran with the women.
The highlight of the first race was watching Strider Tim Rowe mixing it with Westcott and St Lawrence for most of the race. And he ran 14:19 which is his debut I believe. Should guarantee an A race spot at State. Plus Glenn Guzzo as well ran 14:37. Ben St Lawrence won in 13:57. Since Westcott will be in Japan for the State 5k I guess the Saint is a good chance for it.

Ewen I didn't see Anthony but I did notice it was Anthony Haber running 14:16.


Ewen said...

Bad luck about the conditions. Were you wearing spikes? They help on a wet track.

Anthony was 6 seconds off what he wanted - if he runs State, have a chat to him if you get a chance - he's a good bloke.

Might be worth giving 12k a miss the day before for State. Perhaps 5 or 6k easy including a few strides.

Tesso said...

Well done Flakey. Its amazing just how much the humidity takes out of you isn't it.