Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hill Reps 20x200m

After being weighed down by Dinner with the parents I figured I wouldn't run too fast as I usually run before eating dinner.
So I decided some hill reps would be easier to handle.
Used the hill near my house to do these. About 50-55 seconds each rep with the recovery about the same back down again.

Actually Ewen it is PF I feel on my left foot. I'm hoping it will go when I stop the track running after the State 10k in early Feb.
I've been doing the exercises on it that I found in the R4YL magazine.


Ewen said...

Not good if it is. Also, roll arch of foot on frozen 'coke' bottle.

Hill reps, or 'sprinting' is not the best thing if you have PF.

Jen_runs said...

A golf ball is also good for PF. Fingers crossed it comes good quickly!