Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Recap of 2007

I won a race! Enough said!
Ok I did a bit more than that, but I won a race!

Yes the highlight of my year was winning the 5k race at Sydney Marathon Clinic at Smithfield in May.
Other highlights and lowlights in 2007 were:

Lowered my 5k time from 18:54 to 18:19. And I won a race! Keeps slipping out.
Lowered my 10k time from 39:11 to 38:06. Now the hard part is to keep running faster.
City to Surf PB. But still no sub 55. Just stuffed up this year.
Half Marathon. Only ran two for the year and didn't improve my time except for a 3min course PB at SMH.
Marathon. Ran Canberra and Sydney and lowered my time from 3:16.32 to 3:03.23 with both races as PB's which was good.
Raced Six Foot for the first time in 5:02. Didn't go hard so I have room for improvement when I do it again.
50K Road Debut. Ran the 50k at Canberra after posting my Marathon and then continuing on for the extra 8ks. Did 3:51.08. Definitely have a faster one in me. We will see in April.

Only one injury that caused concern. That being a badly sprained ankle in late January. Only a week off. And then the two bouts of flu in June and July knocked me about for the Sydney Marathon shot at sub 3hr.

Thanks everyone for commenting during the year. Hopefully 2008 is a much faster year on the running front.


Ewen said...

So the 50k will be 'punishment' if you don't crack 3 hours in Canberra?

Congrats on the race win. The best I've ever done was second in the Mackay Half (all the good runners ran the marathon).

Horrie said...

Great year Flakey. I think you've made the right decision about dropping 6 Foot to go for the sub 3 at Canberra. Good luck for a stellar year in 2008.