Monday, January 21, 2008

Recovery Run 7ks

Cold and windy was how it felt. Since it is summer it really isn't cold. 19 degrees maybe, but definitely windy. I did have one shower fall on me while I did a lap of Centennial Park.

Stuck mostly to the grass while I ran. Legs didn't feel too bad actually.

Total was 7.2ks in 39:18. Average pace of 5:27 per klm.

Ewen I did wear spikes on the track on Saturday. Probably why my heel felt sore on Sunday as I seem to have a different style when I use them.

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Ewen said...

OK - I thought it might be some plantar trouble which would be worrying.

I used to wear spikes (esp for the steeple) but they knocked my feet around pretty badly. Luckily the Frees work pretty well on the track.