Monday, January 14, 2008

Recovery Run 7ks

A rainy Centennial Park greeted me tonight. It was fantastic with a nice Southerly blowing, rain falling and No Humidity.
Stayed mostly on the grass and ran slow enough for small children to keep up.

Ran 7.2ks in 45:12. Average pace of 6:16 per klm. The legs were really stiff from yesterdays run and my right hip wasn't feeling great either. Enough whingeing!


Jen_runs said...

Young children & adult women ;-)

Tesso said...

Gotta love those recovery runs! I've been incorating them in my training and I think they really do make a difference. Do you find they seem to shake out the niggles?

I read recenty that a short and slow recovery run is as good as a massage. Not sure if its true. Its cheaper though :-)

Ewen said...

6:16/k is almost easy, even for me!

No humidity? My mate at the BOM said it ranged between 73 and 90% on Monday.