Saturday, January 05, 2008

Time Trial

Centennial Park running track 7:15pm.
temp: 22 degrees
Humidity : 88%
Weather: Spitting rain
Wind: 13kph SSE

Did a 2k warmup before starting. The track is 3.7ks and is tar.

Time was 13:08. Average pace of 3:32 per klm. I'll get the 5k at this pace eventually!

Did a 2k cool down after the session.

Uusally I run this track in a 3 rep session or a 30sec on/30sec off. So I guess this becomes my starting time for the course. It was really hard work with the high humidity.

Not sure Ewen. I have sub 3hr at Canberra to think about with pushing the legs hard.


Ewen said...

That tells me you'll be running sub-18 for the next 5000m.

If you want to be sure of sub-3, don't do 6'.

Tesso said...

The humidity suddenly appeared here in Brissie this weekend after weeks of perfect running weather (ie rain!). It sure makes it harder.

PS I have every confidence you will run 5k at that pace in the not too distant future.

Matty said...

Yep, you're looking good for a fast 5k now.