Thursday, January 24, 2008

ES Marks 4x1k Reps

Used the track at Kensington tonight to do these. A bit windy and still pretty humid as well.
Did a 2k warmup before starting and half a dozen strides as well.

Reps were 3:24, 3:26, 3:26, 3:27. All done with a 3 min walk recovery.

Did a 2k cool down after finishing.

The foot doesn't hurt at all when I run which is good. No broomstick exercise Tesso. And it was volume 3 of R4YL the one with Andrew Letherby on the front.


Tesso said...

Thanks, just dug out vol 3 :-)

The broomstick thing is easy. You put it on the ground and fold a towel over it. Then you stand on it with the end of your PF and press down for a few seconds, them move your foot a couple of cms and do it again and aggain until you have done the whole length of the PF.

Does that make sense? Once again it seems to work for me. The idea with the towel is it makes it a bit gentler than a golf ball (which my pod says is a bit too hard and may cause further damage).

Whatever, I just hope yours doesn't become chronic. Mine was so bad a few years ago (physio reckoned it was the worst case he'd ever seen!) I was convinced my leg bone was trying to poke through the bottom of my foot. Almost brought tears to the eyes.

Ewen said...

Good, but keep working on it so it doesn't hurt at other times.

Good 1000s - keep edging them down.