Thursday, January 31, 2008

State 5k Postponed

Normal Sydney summer thunderstorm comes over about 6:50pm at Homebush. Drops half an inch of water in three minutes, multiple lightning strikes, blacks out the scoreboard at 6:51pm, floods the infield and knocks out the track lights.
And they call it off! Wimps!

Could be back on this Saturday. So now I won't be running the Striders 10k on Saturday Morning. Hope this race is Saturday night and not afternoon.

So no running today. The lightning strikes were very impressive.


Jen_runs said...

Wimps. Real men would run in those sorts of conditions ;-)

Bernie G said...

Disappointing for everybody, Blue Dog and actually ran into Nigel and Bruce in the carpark and we were all looking forward to watching the event.

Tesso said...

Rats! Must be so annoying after you plan your training around it.

Anonymous said...


We were so looking forward to watching you run last night Paulie. I had gotten Bruce so pumped up which always leaves me feeling a bit drained and he was screaming saying he could feel the earth move but then he looked up and realised it was just thunder and lightning from the big storm. It was a really slippery drive back home to our little place on Oxford Street home after the race was postponed and the rain made the roads really slippery too. Needless to say Bruce was well and truly buggered by the time we got home and I was exhusted. Oh well, we'll do it all again on Saturday!

Nigel and Bruce.

Tom said...

What's wrong with doubling up on Saturday? Who were you calling a wimp!

Ewen said...

Don't let Tom suck you in to doubling up ;)

The extended taper will do you good. Make the most of it Saturday night.

Anonymous said...

Yippeee Paulie it has been re-scheduled for Saturday !!!

Bruce has been bouncing up and down and saying "we're all going to Homebush ... again!!" non-stop since he heard he news.

Of course we will be there rooting hard for you.

Nigel & Bruce.