Friday, February 01, 2008

Easy 30 minutes

Well at least I'll be really rested for the race. Only doing the 5000m late tomorrow afternoon Ewen so don't worry.
Too pace or not to pace? That is the question?
Saw one of the RBH runners tonight. She's looking for sub 18 mins as well.

Did the same as Wednesday just running easy for 30 minutes. Must have been a bit more fired up as I ran 6.1 ks in the time.


Jen_runs said...

My good luck wish from Wed applies equally today :-)

Ewen said...

You could keep an eye on her. Racing someone is good (for the concentration) as long as they run fairly even paced.

The first 200 can be faster than even pace, but not the next 200 (don't run the first lap in 80 seconds, or you'll blow up for sure). Perhaps set the beeper on your watch to go off every 43 seconds.