Friday, February 22, 2008

Easy 11ks

Blue Dog's Mum should stay off the goons of cheap sherry.

Ran around Centennial Park, SFS, SCG and Fox again. Taking it easy while running parts of it on grass.
Total was 11.4 ks in 53:21. Average pace of 4:40 per k.

There is a 3000m race at Blacktown on March 15th Ewen which will be my last one on the track. One week before I start to taper for Canberra.


Ewen said...

I think she's on the (medicinal) grass for her arthritis.

That's good - a solid PB will set you up for Canberra.

Luckylegs said...

If Ewen says a 'solid PB' then a solid PB it will be!

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul.

Today Bruce & I went down to the water to watch the QE11 and the big new ship Queen Victoria sail in to Sydney Harbour.

It was all very exciting having 'two big queens' in the harbour at the same time.

The last time that happened was when Bruce fell overboard after having a few too many reds at the work Xmas harbour-cruise and I had to jump in and save him!

I swear, Bruce can be such a worry when he's had a few.

On the way home today we stopped off at our fave little eatery at Paddo and Bruce yelled to out to the drinks waiter "Hey, gimme' some drnks.'

Five minutes later he yelled out to the food waiter "Hey, gimme some food!"

When he spotted the head waiter .. well you can imagine!!!

Good luck with your 3000 metre race. If we can finally finish our costumes and choreography for 1st March then we'll have our backsides trackside rooting for you!

Ta-ta for now, Nigel and Bruce.