Sunday, February 24, 2008

Striders Equaliser 14ks

An undulating bush and road from Belrose down a few hills and through a creek. Up a few hills to St Ives and then back along the road to some more bush and back down the hills to the creek. And then back up some more hills to the finish. Tough on the legs when you are not doing any training for Six Foot hills.
I was slower than last year. Oh well. Took off at the start really quick on the flat road section panicking Blue Dog and Action to run hard after me. Well they weren't really chasing me, but I did go hard at the start and then back off as the course is pretty rough in some places.
It was good fun and I needed a sleep after the race. I think I had that during the AGM. Did I miss anything?
I did a 2k warmup before the start and a few strides as well. And then not really much of a cool down afterwards.
Time was 1:09.11. About a min slower than last year.

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Ewen said...

From the sound of that, Blue Dog's mum will be on the cheap sherry again because her son had a victory.