Friday, February 15, 2008

Easy 11ks

Ran around Centennial and Moore Parks tonight. Ran 11.36ks in 54:19. Average pace of 4:46 per klm.

Thanks for the comments. Would a faster speed race at a shorter distance(5/10k) outway doing Marathon Pace runs at the speed I want?
The marathon pace runs are meant to get your body to adapt to that pace. If I'm fast at a short distance I know it is supposed to eventually flow through to the longer distance race. But how long will that take? Years of training?

If I feel I'm pushing too hard during the race to maintain the pace the trick will be when to realise that and slow down before losing all my energy and blowing up. No harm in trying something different.

I don't agree with with not running easy runs. Running every session fast will eventually snap something as Vat painly found out the last year and a half he has been off.


Ewen said...

Marathon pace runs have their place, but not every session. Have a look at Steve's log to see what he's been doing in prep for Tokyo.

It does take years to get fast at 10k. In an ideal career, you'd stay at 5/10 for years, then move to the marathon at 28-30 years of age.

Warm-ups/downs for sessions (track or m-pace) can be very easy. We ran 5k with a good vet warming up for a track race (he'll run 2:35 or quicker in Canberra) and our pace was 5:30-6:00 per km. He is fast at 3k though - 9:30ish.

In a marathon, you don't want to feel like you're pushing hard in the first 10k. Geoff told me he did this in one race and a 2:20 marathon turned into a very ugly 2:29.

glenda said...

I think you need to do your speedwork faster and your long runs easy and maybe your midweek long run steady with speed up to marathon pace in last 20 to 30 mins.Learned from experience if you do your long runs too hard it you won't be able to do yoyr fast sessions fast enough. Your long run pace gets naturally faster as you get fitter. Got me to a 2.55 in 2006 (and 2 sub 1.20 halfs after that)

Tesso said...

Wow, I learn so much from reading your blog!