Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tempo + Hills

A 2k warmup before starting by the light of the now full moon.

Ran 5k in 19:58. Then ran over to the nearest hill and did 5 x 200m reps in about 50 seconds per rep. With about the same recovery back down.

Did a 2k cool down after finishing.

Wisdom says I can't run 2:48 at Canberra. What I am trying to do is force my body to except that 4 min/k pace is normal, it just needs to be convinced that 42 k is the normal distance for it. That is the challenge!


Tesso said...

Luv your attitude! Very inspiring. So much so I might try the same thing myself .... but with 5 minute pace :-)

Anonymous said...

Ha Pauline!

I see a lot of people have been reading your blog.

That's because they enjoy a good laugh!

And they left lots of good advice too. But the one thing they were all trying to say was -

You're SOFT! Soft like a soggy baked custard.


You need to toughen up a shitload to crack that sub-3 barrier before you even start dreaming about 2:48 ... where's your head at - 'Planet Pauline'?

Here's a REAL training tip:

You need some of my Lil' Bluey's special work-outs, back-to-back chew-on-gravel stuff. Try this -

A huge all-nighter out on the piss and then as the sun comes up straight into a mo-fo' two-hour hill session until fully purged.

Swim a few k's to ease the headache before rehydrating and dragging your sorry arse off to a fourteen-hour night-shift.

First Thursday of the month is a good time for this workout so you can make the Striders' 10k on the Saturday morning fresh from work.

A few years of that and your sub-3 could be a chance. Hope this helps darl.

Love, Blue Dog's Mum.