Sunday, February 17, 2008

Opera in the Park 35ks

Missed the Striders STaR this morning so had to run late in the afternoon around home. A table I was on won a trivia quiz last night, mostly on music and movie questions. A bottle of wine and a book was the prize. Anyway back to the running.

Ran from home down to the Opera House and back and then did a few loops inside Centennial Park. You realise when running towards the Opera House that you run uphill all the way back to Taylor Square. Not fun. Lots of people and traffic to dodge today, so it was a bit stop/start. I guess I got a rest at the lights but it doesn't help the rythym.

Run was 35.6 in 2:49:58. Average pace of 4:46 per klm. I must have been fast going downhill!

26miles Apologies, I thought you meant no easy runs. Dumb! I forgot Vat kept running when he was already injured. Trust me a quick 10k is in my sights at North Head if the wind is kind that day. A bit windy when you run on the top of a cliff.

I'm learning too Tesso. Lucky people read my blog. Although I do know a few people that read it and don't comment. No problem. I'm surprised anyone reads my crap!


Tesso said...

Yeah, I get people mentioning to me things I'd written in my blog, I had no idea they were reading it.

Better be careful what we say :)

Horrie said...

Haven't been commenting because I thought you were dreaming when you were doing your marathon pace runs at sub 4 min/km. You're hardly going to go from 3:03 to 2:48 when there hasn't been dramatic improvements in your 5km/10km results. I also think you'd be better getting some structure into your training. It's a bit all over the place and I think it is really holding you back.

Gronk said...

I love heading down to the Opera House, although the run back to Darlinghurts is a slog, agreed with that !

Spud said...

Still here too Flake, reading the blog. For what it's worth I reckon you'd be better served aiming for the sub 3 and then go for the 4min 'thon at GC.
Monkey off the back and all that.

Tom said...

I'm guessing the 4min marathon is just a pipe dream. You'll have seen that Kanser just ran a 2:52 after running a 35:13 10km the week before. My worthless advice on your training would be:
1. If at all possible find a group to run your intervals with. You'll go much faster without realising in a group.
2. More aerobic threshold stuff - multiple (10-15) intervals of 3 to 5 mins off short rests.
3. Keep up the fast tempo runs that you seem to have started more recently.
In short, ditch the job, get a job in the city and join our Tues/Thurs group.

glenda said...

That type of pace for your long run looks pretty good to me.If you're looking for some company at Canberra I'm looking at a goal of btw 2.50 and 2.55. Good luck in your 10km.

Ewen said...

Yes, 4:46/km sounds pretty cruisy for the long run - you should be recovered in a couple of days for a serious interval session. More volume on the long interval day might help... 6-8 x 1000m or similar, rather than 3-4 x 1k.

Steve, who I was telling you about, ran 2:59 at Tokyo, with a negative split.

Matty said...

Mate, McMillan says my 3k speed is good enough for a 2:46 Marathon. In all likelihood, however, I will aim for 'just' Sub 3 at my next Marathon holding that pace for around 30k's and maybe working home strongly if I'm up to it. The Marathon is a mistress that demands respect.....

I also agree with Tom's suggestion about intervals/speedwork with a group. I do my some of my best speedwork at out and back sessions when I can turn around and bust a gut running down those in front of me.

Good luck.