Saturday, February 02, 2008

State 5000m Titles

Abysmal race. No heart, no lungs, no legs, no hope! It was 25 degrees at Homebush but felt hotter on the track.

3:34, 3:42, 3:46, 3:51, 3:43. Final time was 18:38.

No excuses! Next race on the track(3000M) won't be till mid March as I am not doing the track 10k next Friday.

Time to sort myself out for Canberra 50k.


Ewen said...

Sorry you had a bad one Paul. Looks like the conditions weren't the best - Anthony was hoping for 14:10.

We all have bad days. Jackie Fairweather wanted 17:30 down here last night and ran 17:55.

Yes, get sorted or you'll be buying me a cappuccino ;)

Tesso said...

I think 25 degrees is a great excuse!

Anonymous said...

Oh Paulie! You tried so hard and we are proud of you.

The only person more rooted than you at the end was Bruce.

Next time you'll nail it!

Cheers, Nigel and Bruce.