Sunday, February 10, 2008

Airport Adventure STaR 30ks + PM 10ks

Started in Kogarah in what is pretty much a flat course running along the Cooks River and then down along Botany Bay running through Kyeemagh, Brighton, Monterey, Ramsgate, Dolls Point, Sandringham, Sans Souci and crossing Captain Cook Bridge to Sylvania Waters, Sylvania Heights where all the hills are on this run.

Then we crossed Tom Uglys Bridge to run through Carss Park, Kogarah Bay, Beverley Park and Ramsgate again to get back to the Bicentennial Park.

We had the company of Fats, DB, CT, and Serg for the first 30 mins before we stopped for a drink and they kept going. I think they should have started at 6:30am they were too fast for us. The pace was way to hot until that point.
Eventually the pace was all sorted out as it does on these training runs. Temp was a cool 15 degrees, but I didn't notice the humidity even though it was 80%. No rain at all but some of the parks near the finish were pretty soggy.

Finished with 30ks in 2:13.49. Average pace of 4:27 per klm. Some others had the run as 29 ks, but it does say 30k on our map. If 29ks then pace was 4:36.
Still fast anyway. Now I need a sleep.

Ran around Centennial Park, Moore Park, SFS, SCG and back home. Still nice an cool this afternoon. Legs felt pretty stiff at the start and took a while to warmup.
Ran 10.1ks in 49:04. Average pace of 4:51 per klm.
Tesso the goal is to run even splits for the full 50k. No chance of me stopping at 42.195ks, unless they stick a drip in my arm.


Tesso said...

Still fast alright! Great run. You must be brimming with confidence for Canberra.

So, is your race plan based around the marathon with 8k tacked on the end or based around the 50k straight up?

Rob said...

That's excellent traing run Falkey. Makes mine sound like I was stand still.

Tesso wants you to give away your secret strategy.

Ewen said...

Tesso, I bet you a punch in the guts... if he breaks 3 hours he doesn't do the 50k.

That's what I like about 16k long runs - no need for a sleep afterwards.

Jen_runs said...

Step away from the drip Flakey ;-)

Wow, that's a huge day. Tell me you had a nana nap?

Gronk said...

Great stuff Falkey.