Wednesday, February 20, 2008

MLR 17ks

A warm night again with a huge white full moon. Ran around Centennial park, Moore park, SFS, SCG and Fox Studios.
Ran 17.55ks in 1:22.18. Average pace of 4:41 per klm.

C'mon Tesso you can run quicker than that. I expect a 3:25 with all the training you have been doing.

I've got nothing. BDM cracks me up!


Tesso said...

I want a 50k PB in Canberra so need to be a bit conservative. That's my story and I'm sticking to it :) Not quite fit enough for a 3:25 anyway. Maybe at the GC.

Eagle said...

Interesting reading and what is going on in your head at the moement. No problems in aiming high and pushing the training towards that goal. I hope whatever occurs that with all the high quality training you do not throw away a sub 3.

All teh thoughts etc are fine at the moment but the only thinkg that counts is what you do on the day. Have a wise race plan that gives you some options and then adjust quickly as the need arises during the race.

Just don't let me pass you in the last 5ks - now that would be a disaster - well depending on what pace you are running.