Sunday, December 02, 2007

Central Coast Half Marathon

Well today I found out what focusing on short track races does to your endurance. You have none.
Very warm, humid and heaps of water across the bike path. One of the bridges was flooded and we had to do a diversion around the bridge out and back.
Didn't see many of the k markers as per usual for this race.
But I was 24:05 at 6k, 40:05 at 10k and 1:00:41 at 15k. After that I struggled to the end with my lack of long runs telling in my legs. Was passed by at least 6 runners after the 15k mark. Lucky I had Marty to talk to for about 10ks to keep me awake.

Finished in 1:28.39. Anyway at least it was a long run out of the way.

Better organisation than last year but the course still maybe short. Didn't measure it. We were back about 50m than last years start.
Great to see so many Cool Runners up at the Entrance doing the race.
Thanks to Lucky Legs for the company up and back.

Now for that 3000m in 2 weeks at Homebush.


Horrie said...

Sorry to see you lose it in the last 6km. Now you can crank it up for the 3km.

Ewen said...

That was a bit of a wobbly last 6k.

You do need some endurance for a 3000 - speed endurance. It might be worth upping the number of reps, such as 8 to 10 x 500m instead of 6. Also, some solid tempo runs over 10k (in 40-41 minutes) wouldn't go astray.

Spud said...

Still a nice time mate.
Get this short stuff out of the way and then concentrate on 6FT, time to kick off that "other" blog of yours :)

Tesso said...

Great result there Flakey. So many of us would kill for a sub 90!

Luckylegs said...

Could be the early start in having to pick me up that slowed you down!!

Thanks again, Superflake - a real pleasure to travel with you.