Sunday, January 23, 2005

Balmain Bungle STaR 31.5ks

Sunday morning fronted up at Drumoyne Olympic Pool car park with light rain falling and the sky as black as the ace of spades. Didn't look good for later in the run.
Started with the 6:10 group. Including Horrie, Spud and Blue Dog and new Strider Silver Fox.
Blue Dog shot off from the start saying he had to keep in front of the 6.20 starters.
The 6:20 starters caught us about the 10k mark including Springer and Uncle Dave.

At this stage the heavens opened. And I mean opened. Lightning strikes above us for at least the next hour with rivers of water running down the middle of most of the streets.
Much long jumping was done to avoid the water in the gutters but to no avail. I was soaked from head to toe. Horrie commented he should have brought a snorkel along.

Much map reading was done around Canterbury racecourse as we had trouble working out where the hole in the fence was. Met up with Professor at this stage. The 6.10 group was very strung out from start to finish due to the rain and the pace. Should have been at 5:30/k pace but we usually run faster than that.

Crossed over Parramatta rd to get to Haberfield and looked for a roundabout in a nearby street, we turned left and ran up to the next one only to be told by a local we had missed our street. We were supposed to cross at the lights(roundabout). Striders instructions. Extra 1.5ks boys.

We then ran down to Hawthorne canal and back along the famous Bay Run to the finish at Drumoyne. Where we copped a second storm. Horrie had the time as 2hrs 42mins with a distance of 31.5ks. 5min 8sec ks.
The map had said only 29.9 today so we needed the extra, hey Horrie.


Horrie said...

Great run today. Very enjoyable and the storm and extra distance just added to the occasion. Enjoy running with you as we get to run, chat and laugh all at the same time. See you on Wednesday. Hope the shoes dry out for you to be able to run sub 30.

Anonymous said...

Looks like I'll have to give you guys map reading courses! Not sure about 6:20 next week, there are 2 very nasty hills in the 30km Dee Why Dash, especially the climb out of Oxford Falls to Belrose, then another one climbing up into Dee Why right at the end. When are you headed to Melbourne??

Sarah said...

Bloody hell, sounds tough!! Great effort though, it's hard to keep the motivation when you're soaked through!

Spud said...

Hey Superflake, didn't realise you had your new shoes on yesterday mate. I whacked mine into the washing machine after the STaR, came up a treat, got rid of all that Alpine dirt too!

Superflake said...

Thankyou all.
I usually won't run in the rain. Too much trouble for me. I have a good heater in the bathroom so shoes dried out pretty well yesterday. Company is always good on a striders long run. Going to Melbourne on the 5th of Feb. Thanks Dave.