Thursday, January 06, 2005

January 6th Back pain physio

Finally booked into see a physio. First time in my life.
Lower back pain, couldn't handle it anymore.
Pain is apparently in one area so should be fixed pretty quick.
But will not be able to run until at least tuesday next week.
So there goes the hills, the speed session and the long run for this week. I'm crying now.
Should be right I pray to run the SMC 10k on the 16th.
Now I have exercises to do. Can't stand straight half the time so have to fix it so I can run fast and keep ahead of Horrie and ORunner at SMC.


Dave said...

Superflake, take the time now and sort it out. You have a good base and a week off won't break it.

Don't worry about me for the 10km (not that you need to anyway!) as I'm hoping off a long flight from LA via Hong Kong the night before. Not that I'd feel like running but my wife would kill me if I headed out the door after being away for a week.

Luckylegs said...

Take Dave's advice, Superflake! Lower back pain can plague you forever unless you get it right from the start....and you don't want to see me passing you on hills somewhere someday, do you now? LL

Spud said...

Get well soon mate, is the back pain related to the golf then?

Superflake said...

Thank you for your concern.
The back is a lot better after one visit to the physio.
I can walk straight now. My major goal is Canberra so if I have to miss some training this week and next and don't get the sub 40 10k then so be it. I have to drag this ugly body around for another 60years so would prefer to do it without a wheelchair.I did hurt it playing golf, 2nd shot of the day.

Horrie said...

Sounds like that golf game can be pretty intense.

Hope you take the time to get it settled and come back strong as you are running so well at the moment.

See you at SMC.

Martin said...

Mate, I've done my back in before playing golf, it stopped me running for two weeks last year! Bloody sport!!

Best of luck pal, hope to see you back running soon.