Saturday, January 29, 2005

Cool Running 5k Challenge

Humid morning at 7 am for the start of the 5k challenge.
Started with the 19min group as have become too fast to start off at 20mins. A PB of 19:18 is why.
Group included Blue Dog, Luke Skyrunner(pushing Ned in pram), O Runner and Horrie.
O runner looked in PB form as he lead me for about 1.5ks.

Blue Dog before the start set his Garmin virtual pacer at a time of 18:52.
I thought that was good as all I have to do is sit on his tail and I get a PB if he keeps up to the watch pace.
Blue Dog flashed away at the start and kept a steady 30metre distance between the rest of the group for the next 4ks.
I didn't see any of the 5k markers except the 4k but forgot to look at my watch for the time.
I noted Blue Dog slowing around the 3.8-4k mark and saw my chance to get closer to him.

With about a 300 metres to go I went past him and finished in a PB of 19:03. A PB by 15 seconds. Very happy with that.
Was passed with about 500metres to go by Luke Skyrunner with pram. The man is fit.
After catching breath and chatting with other CR's we did a slow jog back to the start for 5ks in 27:30.
I like to chase at the end of a race so am best not leading. Thanks to Blue Dog for the good pacing, he did 19:08 for a PB. And Horrie did another PB 19:30.


Horrie said...

Great run today. You are really running hot at the moment. I think the pace at the beginning probably cost you a sub 19. Still, only 3 seconds outside it anyway. I reckon the 40 minutes will go next week if you get the pacing right. Hang back at the beginning and really bring it home. You've definitely got that sub 40 in you. Just a matter of putting it together on the day.

Eddie said...

Excellent running Superflake. Congratulations on the PB. You guys are doing so well. Keep it up.