Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Centennial Park 8k Fun Run

8k was won by the very quick Charlie Low in I think 25:30? Jeremey Horne 2nd. Didn't get the 4k result.
Ran a fairly good race 7:48 at the 2k.15:50 at the 4k. Faded a bit at the 4.5-5k hill.Finished in 32:33. Was really aiming to get under 32mins. But harder hills than I thought. And having to do a complete hairpin turnaround at the 3 and 7k mark stuffs your speed completely.
Good sunny weather, a bit of a breeze but no sign of expected showers.

Horrie was worried at the start that I talk too much so I shut up and let him chase me around the park. He's still chasing.

Cool Runners in attendance:John Dawlings in Woodstock Runner kit.Blue Dog, Horrie, Mrs Horrie, Vat_Man, Johnny Dark, Lucky Legs, Coal Geo, Tom D, Grey Elf, Gronk,Pelican, Roses, Exposay.I am sure I may have forgotten someone.
And Bernie G taking photos up the first hill.


Horrie said...

You were talking too much in that first 500m. Couldn't shut you up at that point. See what happened once you stopped talking - you opened up a 20m gap on me. You're right about me still chasing you. It's becoming a bit of a habit that will keep me on my toes. You're about a minute in front of me over 10km. So the plan is when you go sub 40 - I will hopefully go sub 41. And when you go sub 39 - I will go sub 40. Hope it works out that way anyway. I'm looking forward to continuing the chase on Saturday at the 5km challenge.

Superflake said...

Bring on the Bay run and bring on Lane Cove next week.
Sub 19 this saturday and sub 40 next week! What's not to laugh about running.