Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Hill Reps

Hill Reps tonight.
20 x 200m Hill.
Up in 50-55 seconds. Recovery back down the hill in 65-70 seconds.
Broke in the new shoes. Felt good and much lighter than the old ones.
No problems with the back.
Quite humid and a NE breeze blowing very strong.


Eddie said...

Glad to hear the back problems are behind you Superflake. Hill reps would certainly test it out.

Superflake said...

Thanks Eddie. Hopefully the hill reps will help in the race this Sunday. Couple of hills but need to do them faster.

Gnscon said...

Still don't know which hill you use. Do you use the one on High St or Wansey St?

Superflake said...

Cowper st from William st to Prince st.
It was 199metres on the whereis before I got the new GPS. I have not measured it since. No street to cross.