Sunday, January 30, 2005

Dee Why Dash 30.1k STaR

Well and truly dashed. The course starts at DY surf club and goes up hill(of course) to Frenchs Forest and then down into the valley at Oxford Falls. We then climb out of the valley to Belrose where the run turns and heads to Allambie Heights. From there we ran downhill to Queenscliff beach. Out over the hill past freshwater beach and the Harbord Diggers. Then it is a 3k run home over another big hill about a k before the finish.

Started at 6:10 and ran with O Runner, Horrie, Kevin Tiller Coaster and a few others.
It was very humid and we had light sprinklings of rain during the run.
When we ran into the valley at Oxford Falls we had misty rain and fog on the hills up ahead.
As well as horses in the paddocks and Lyre birds in the bush. Very nice.
When we hit the 20k mark we had done that in 1hr 42mins according to Horrie.

Horrie had a bit of a bad patch just after this and ending up walking/jogging back to the start.
Wanted me to keep going ahead so I did and eventually caught up to O Runner at Queenscliff surf club. That was also when the 6:20 group saw me about the 24k mark.
I did manage to run off before they caught me, and only had Springer catch me at the top of the last hill.
Included Action, Uncle Dave and Springer and others.

I ended up finishing in 2hrs 31mins. Just over 5min ks. Which is very good on this hilly course.

I think Mister G needs to make up his own STaR out Burwood way.
I didn't find the hills too bad today. They are one long hill for a 1k an then nothing for another 5ks. Unlike Cherrybrook where every 2ks you went up a short hill.


Horrie said...

Great run again today Superflake. You are absolutely killing it at the moment and you are on track for sub 3:10 at Canberra at least. I guess all the racing and intensity caught up with me today. Felt absolutely dreadful after those 2 long hills and at 15km I knew I was toast. Thanks for your support and encouragement today. You kept me pushing for 7 km longer than I would have done without you. For the record, my GPS measured the course at 30.2 km which had you bang on 5 minute kms.

Dave said...

Damn good run in tough conditions, real good mental toughener on the road to Canberra!

Eagle said...

Interesting read over the last few weeks - things seem to be heading in the right direction for you and a good run at Canberra. Those Sunday runs are doing you a powerful lot of good and at 30k in the marathon when others start to struggle you will struggle less (everyone struggles and the aim is to train with lots of good quality long runs so that the struggle is minimum) also they are being run at the right pace (taking into account the hills) to achieve a 3.10 or better. You will also be suprised how your strength and speed appear in the taper and how anxious you become for the marathon to start - all part of the great experince.

Bythe way I do notice your very regular and encouraging comments on my Blogg.

Keep up the wonderful training and enjoy the feeling of perhaps being fitter than you have ever been or have been for a while. If you want to talk about any aspect of the lead up to the marathon please get intouch with me I would enjoy the contact.