Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Midweek Semi Long Run

Ran from Home to Bondi and then up Old South Head Rd to Christison Park at Vaucluse.
Turned around and ran back down Heartbreak Hill. The easy way. And then back home again via Bondi Junction and Queens Park.
All up a 18.65k run tonight. Ran that in 1hr 38mins. Just under 5:15 per klm.
Lots of hills and very windy.


Horrie said...

Good to see you pumping out a midweek 20km. I noticed you called it a mini midweek long run. Are you planning to go longer on Wednesdays? There seems to be no stopping you at the moment. Except perhaps the heat and humidity. See you on Sunday for a bash with the 6.20 group.

Superflake said...

Only called it that because I did a 13k Monday and am doing the 30k Sunday.