Sunday, January 02, 2005

Cherrybrook STaR 32ks

Drove up to Cherrybrook to do the Striders STaR.
Was to be 31.4 klms ended in on watch as a 32klm run.
Ran with O'Runner and Horrie plus David and John.
Horrie was slow off the mark, still waiting for the GPS to start working.
The run goes up and down around hills and valleys in the north west of sydney.
Cherrybrook, Thornleigh, Normanhurst, and through the Cumberland state forest for a 3klm trail run.
We lost David in the Cumberland state forest, at the same time having Dave Criniti cruise past us up a hill.
Later on John decided to short the course at the 27klm mark.
We ended up doing an extra 600m after we couldn't cross at one of the main roads, the same point O'Runner snuck back past Horrie and myself.
We ended up passing him a bit later.
The weather was fairly cool and it wasn't humid.
I measured the run at 32klms and a time of 2hrs 44mins. Average of 5min 8s per klm.


Eddie said...

A pretty good morning's effort Superflake. You and Horrie are certainly clocking up the K's.

Superflake said...

Thanks Eddie.
First time I ran 30ks as a training run 12/12 my hip hurt for 3 days. After last sunday it was fine the next morn. So can see the positive side of those long runs for canberra. I have a very bad hill 30k this sunday. Horrie is looking comfortable for canberra goal as well.