Sunday, January 16, 2005


Did the SMC 10k at Smithfield today.
Apparently it was 24 degrees and 90% humidity at the start.
Very unpleasant conditions to race in.

Thought I was doing a speed session and got to the 1k in 3:35.
Reached the 2.5k mark in 9:30. 15seconds faster than last month.
Got to the 5k turnaround at 20:10. Still looking good for sub 40.
Made the 7.5k in 30:30. That 5k was done in 21mins 30sec quicker than last month at SMC.
Very ugly last 2.5k no-one to chase 3rd place was about 400m ahead at this stage.

Finished in 40:50 only 9secs outside my PB.
Very hard to run today. But I did finish 4th so happy with that.
Give me cool conditions I can do the sub 40.


Horrie said...

Great run today considering the conditions and the fact that you missed a week's training due to your back injury. Very difficult to maintain the right pace as well when the field is so strung out. You will smash through the 40 minute barrier when you run the Striders 10km series as there are so many runners of equal ability to pace yourself with.

Anonymous said...

Well done Superflake on a trying day.

As Horrie says at Lane Cove I reckon you'll give the 40 minute barrier a shake, just need to manage the pacing. I'll certainly be there trying as well.

Superflake said...

Thanks for your support. May not get a chance at the Striders race as I may have gone to Melbourne by then.
But I have the 8k on aust day to test the sub 30mins on.
And the 5k challenge the same week to do sub 19mins.

Martin said...

mate, you just love the chase of it all don't you??

I reckon you nail her at Lane Cove, great course to break 40 on! ;)

Superflake said...

Maybe I should be on the sit and kick thread. I like having someone close by to chase at the end of the race. Helps me finish faster even when I am stuffed.