Monday, January 31, 2005

Recovery Day

After Sundays long run. Time for a slow day.
Late home from work and being end of month didn't get out till 7.30 tonight.
Was still 23 degrees and 80% humidity.
Ran 8.2 ks in a slow 38:46.
Very easy run, calves were still a bit sore from yesterdays run.
Thats 259klms for the month of January after missing a week due to injury.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Dee Why Dash 30.1k STaR

Well and truly dashed. The course starts at DY surf club and goes up hill(of course) to Frenchs Forest and then down into the valley at Oxford Falls. We then climb out of the valley to Belrose where the run turns and heads to Allambie Heights. From there we ran downhill to Queenscliff beach. Out over the hill past freshwater beach and the Harbord Diggers. Then it is a 3k run home over another big hill about a k before the finish.

Started at 6:10 and ran with O Runner, Horrie, Kevin Tiller Coaster and a few others.
It was very humid and we had light sprinklings of rain during the run.
When we ran into the valley at Oxford Falls we had misty rain and fog on the hills up ahead.
As well as horses in the paddocks and Lyre birds in the bush. Very nice.
When we hit the 20k mark we had done that in 1hr 42mins according to Horrie.

Horrie had a bit of a bad patch just after this and ending up walking/jogging back to the start.
Wanted me to keep going ahead so I did and eventually caught up to O Runner at Queenscliff surf club. That was also when the 6:20 group saw me about the 24k mark.
I did manage to run off before they caught me, and only had Springer catch me at the top of the last hill.
Included Action, Uncle Dave and Springer and others.

I ended up finishing in 2hrs 31mins. Just over 5min ks. Which is very good on this hilly course.

I think Mister G needs to make up his own STaR out Burwood way.
I didn't find the hills too bad today. They are one long hill for a 1k an then nothing for another 5ks. Unlike Cherrybrook where every 2ks you went up a short hill.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Cool Running 5k Challenge

Humid morning at 7 am for the start of the 5k challenge.
Started with the 19min group as have become too fast to start off at 20mins. A PB of 19:18 is why.
Group included Blue Dog, Luke Skyrunner(pushing Ned in pram), O Runner and Horrie.
O runner looked in PB form as he lead me for about 1.5ks.

Blue Dog before the start set his Garmin virtual pacer at a time of 18:52.
I thought that was good as all I have to do is sit on his tail and I get a PB if he keeps up to the watch pace.
Blue Dog flashed away at the start and kept a steady 30metre distance between the rest of the group for the next 4ks.
I didn't see any of the 5k markers except the 4k but forgot to look at my watch for the time.
I noted Blue Dog slowing around the 3.8-4k mark and saw my chance to get closer to him.

With about a 300 metres to go I went past him and finished in a PB of 19:03. A PB by 15 seconds. Very happy with that.
Was passed with about 500metres to go by Luke Skyrunner with pram. The man is fit.
After catching breath and chatting with other CR's we did a slow jog back to the start for 5ks in 27:30.
I like to chase at the end of a race so am best not leading. Thanks to Blue Dog for the good pacing, he did 19:08 for a PB. And Horrie did another PB 19:30.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Midweek Long Run

Ran from home in Randwick up to Christison Park in Vaucluse and then back through Rose Bay and Bondi Junction.
Measured the distance as 18.65 klms on my watch.
Did a time of 89:54. 4:49 per klm.
Lot of hills in this run and it was very hot and humid when I ran it at 3 this afternoon.

Centennial Park 8k Fun Run

8k was won by the very quick Charlie Low in I think 25:30? Jeremey Horne 2nd. Didn't get the 4k result.
Ran a fairly good race 7:48 at the 2k.15:50 at the 4k. Faded a bit at the 4.5-5k hill.Finished in 32:33. Was really aiming to get under 32mins. But harder hills than I thought. And having to do a complete hairpin turnaround at the 3 and 7k mark stuffs your speed completely.
Good sunny weather, a bit of a breeze but no sign of expected showers.

Horrie was worried at the start that I talk too much so I shut up and let him chase me around the park. He's still chasing.

Cool Runners in attendance:John Dawlings in Woodstock Runner kit.Blue Dog, Horrie, Mrs Horrie, Vat_Man, Johnny Dark, Lucky Legs, Coal Geo, Tom D, Grey Elf, Gronk,Pelican, Roses, Exposay.I am sure I may have forgotten someone.
And Bernie G taking photos up the first hill.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Easy Day

Ran a few laps of Centennial Park running track.
23 degrees and 86% humidity at 7 pm tonight.
Ran the 11.4ks in 49:40. 4min 21s per klm.
Wasn't trying too hard just an easy run on a flat course and plenty to look at tonight.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Balmain Bungle STaR 31.5ks

Sunday morning fronted up at Drumoyne Olympic Pool car park with light rain falling and the sky as black as the ace of spades. Didn't look good for later in the run.
Started with the 6:10 group. Including Horrie, Spud and Blue Dog and new Strider Silver Fox.
Blue Dog shot off from the start saying he had to keep in front of the 6.20 starters.
The 6:20 starters caught us about the 10k mark including Springer and Uncle Dave.

At this stage the heavens opened. And I mean opened. Lightning strikes above us for at least the next hour with rivers of water running down the middle of most of the streets.
Much long jumping was done to avoid the water in the gutters but to no avail. I was soaked from head to toe. Horrie commented he should have brought a snorkel along.

Much map reading was done around Canterbury racecourse as we had trouble working out where the hole in the fence was. Met up with Professor at this stage. The 6.10 group was very strung out from start to finish due to the rain and the pace. Should have been at 5:30/k pace but we usually run faster than that.

Crossed over Parramatta rd to get to Haberfield and looked for a roundabout in a nearby street, we turned left and ran up to the next one only to be told by a local we had missed our street. We were supposed to cross at the lights(roundabout). Striders instructions. Extra 1.5ks boys.

We then ran down to Hawthorne canal and back along the famous Bay Run to the finish at Drumoyne. Where we copped a second storm. Horrie had the time as 2hrs 42mins with a distance of 31.5ks. 5min 8sec ks.
The map had said only 29.9 today so we needed the extra, hey Horrie.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Speed Session

Did 6x1k Reps.
Usual route along Alison Rd.
Very humid and a bit windy at 7 pm when I started.
Legs were sore from a big night last night. Only 3 hours sleep.

3:40, 3:35, 3:30, 3:37, 3:40, 3:40.

Too tired to run them any faster.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Midweek Semi Long Run

Ran from Home to Bondi and then up Old South Head Rd to Christison Park at Vaucluse.
Turned around and ran back down Heartbreak Hill. The easy way. And then back home again via Bondi Junction and Queens Park.
All up a 18.65k run tonight. Ran that in 1hr 38mins. Just under 5:15 per klm.
Lots of hills and very windy.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Hill Reps

Did a 4.5k warmup in a slow time of 21:30.
Then did 20 reps of my 200m hill.
20 up in 50-55 seconds with a jog down recovery of 65-70 seconds.

Good conditions, pretty cool and only a slight breeze.
Toyal of 12.5ks.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Easy Day 13k

Ran outside of Centennial Park.
Mix of grass, concrete, tar, sand surface to run on, and a few hills in there as well.
Did the 13k in 56:43. Average of 4:22 per klm.
Quite windy and very humid still at 7 pm.
Legs felt a bit tight in the first k but soon warmed up.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Centennial Park

Ran a couple of laps of the park about 6.30 pm.
Still very humid and as the southerly had come through, very windy.
Did a total of 8ks in 36:18. 4:32 per k.
Didn't try to run too hard was just an easy run.


Did the SMC 10k at Smithfield today.
Apparently it was 24 degrees and 90% humidity at the start.
Very unpleasant conditions to race in.

Thought I was doing a speed session and got to the 1k in 3:35.
Reached the 2.5k mark in 9:30. 15seconds faster than last month.
Got to the 5k turnaround at 20:10. Still looking good for sub 40.
Made the 7.5k in 30:30. That 5k was done in 21mins 30sec quicker than last month at SMC.
Very ugly last 2.5k no-one to chase 3rd place was about 400m ahead at this stage.

Finished in 40:50 only 9secs outside my PB.
Very hard to run today. But I did finish 4th so happy with that.
Give me cool conditions I can do the sub 40.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Rest Day

Rest day.
Long day at work and very humid when I arrived home so I didn't run.
May do one very early tomorrow before it gets too humid.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Speed Session Returns

Back after a week off of physio and no running.
Pleasant conditions confronted me at 8.00 pm tonight.
Temp of 24 degrees and humidity of 71% with wind gusts of 15knots. Lovely to run in.
Usual track along Alison Rd and up the busway to Anzac Pde.

1k reps with a 90sec walk recovery.
3:29, 3:25, 3:25, 3:34, 3:31, 3:33.

Legs felt like jelly in the last rep.
Very hard work tonight!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Hill Reps

Hill Reps tonight.
20 x 200m Hill.
Up in 50-55 seconds. Recovery back down the hill in 65-70 seconds.
Broke in the new shoes. Felt good and much lighter than the old ones.
No problems with the back.
Quite humid and a NE breeze blowing very strong.

Monday, January 10, 2005

January 10th

Tested the back out to see if it was ok to run.
Ran 10k in 50mins.
A slow run for me but just took it easy so I didn't re hurt the back.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

January 8th New Shoes

Had another session with the physio this morning.
More massaging and a look at mystomach six pack of muscles with the ultrasound.
Never had an ultrasound before, now I know what you future mums and dads look at before the day. Of course I wasn't looking at that. Just at how the muscles were contracting to fix my little back problem.
To ease the pain I then went down to Sydney Running Centre at Edgecliff and picked up a new pair of running shoes to take me to Canberra. Mizuno Wave VS1 fitted right for my normal gait foot. No orthotics needed, sorry PodRunner.
Back feeling much better. Can't wait to break in the shoes and do some training. One more physio on wednesday and then running! Yeehah.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

January 6th Back pain physio

Finally booked into see a physio. First time in my life.
Lower back pain, couldn't handle it anymore.
Pain is apparently in one area so should be fixed pretty quick.
But will not be able to run until at least tuesday next week.
So there goes the hills, the speed session and the long run for this week. I'm crying now.
Should be right I pray to run the SMC 10k on the 16th.
Now I have exercises to do. Can't stand straight half the time so have to fix it so I can run fast and keep ahead of Horrie and ORunner at SMC.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

January 5th

Another rest day.
Back is still sore.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

January 4th

Rest day
Thunderstorm and high humidity.
A sore back after I hurt it playing golf yesterday and I have a cold as well now.

Monday, January 03, 2005

January 3rd Recovery Run

Ran around the outside of Centennial Park this morning.
Due to work commitments had to do this at 11 am. Very hot and humid.
Ran the 13k in 57:30.
Pretty good with the NE breeze starting to blow on the way back.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Cherrybrook STaR 32ks

Drove up to Cherrybrook to do the Striders STaR.
Was to be 31.4 klms ended in on watch as a 32klm run.
Ran with O'Runner and Horrie plus David and John.
Horrie was slow off the mark, still waiting for the GPS to start working.
The run goes up and down around hills and valleys in the north west of sydney.
Cherrybrook, Thornleigh, Normanhurst, and through the Cumberland state forest for a 3klm trail run.
We lost David in the Cumberland state forest, at the same time having Dave Criniti cruise past us up a hill.
Later on John decided to short the course at the 27klm mark.
We ended up doing an extra 600m after we couldn't cross at one of the main roads, the same point O'Runner snuck back past Horrie and myself.
We ended up passing him a bit later.
The weather was fairly cool and it wasn't humid.
I measured the run at 32klms and a time of 2hrs 44mins. Average of 5min 8s per klm.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Years Day 2005

Went for a quiet 4k run this morning before the humidity came up.
Ran up to Centennial Park and around the running track.
Time was 20mins for 4k. Intentionally run that slow as I was just out for a jog.
And to get rid of the alcohol from last night.
I have the Striders Cherrybrook star tomorrow.