Tuesday, April 10, 2007

5k @ MP

Ran in a flat area around the outside of Centennial Park and up to Fox Studios and back.

The goal was to do 5k's at Marathon Race Pace. That would be 4:12 per klm, or 21:00 for the 5k's. Going out it was 10:20 for the 2.5k's and 10:24 on the way back.

Total 5ks in 20:44. Average pace of 4:09 per klm. A bit under the goal, but it did feel pretty easy running it. Just have to do a few more of those on Sunday morning.

No warmup as per my usual trick, but did do a 1k cooldown after the session. Ran in most of the gear I will be using on sunday bar the sunglasses and hat.


Tesso said...

Great stuff Flakey. Hope it feels that easy all the way on Sunday :-)

AuntyK said...

Flakey - thanks for your support for IM.

I send you all the best for Sunday also.

Cheers, AK

Martin said...

Best of luck for Sunday Flake. You have done everything possible to give yourself a shot of going sub 3.

Just run your own race, don't get carried away in the first 1/2 when it feels easy (which it will) and then don't give in when it gets tough in the last 7K (which it will), the pain will soon go away..

You will have a great race though mate, look forward to the result.

Gnscon said...

good luck on sunday mate. Enjoy the run and hope you can hit the goal splits.

Johnny Dark said...

The way things are shaping I reckon sunglasses and hat will come under the heading of "essentials" for Sunday.