Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easy 30 Minutes

An easy run down to Fox Studios and back. Nothing too hard.
Total covered was 5.45k's in the 30 minutes. Average of 5:30 per klm.

First day of the carbo loading. I'm using the schedule from the AIS. Now any parents reading this go and try and find a breakfast cereal low in fibre. As everyone knows high fibre cereals are all the go. Finally found some rice bubbles which have only 1.1g per 100g.
Ate the first yoghurt in my life today due to the schedule. I guess muffins are another thing I don't usually eat. And I'm not usually into having breakfast,lunch,dinner and three snacks during the day as well.
I think I'm up a kilo already from this morning, is that normal? I'll be a heifer by race day.


Jen_runs said...

I have vague recollections of reading somewhere that most people put on about 2kg carb loading. I managed to lose 1kg the first day of my carb load for Six Foot so I have no idea ;-)

mpluss said...

Finally a run at my pace. Good runing on Sunday.


Ewen said...

Or a mad cow.

Spud said...

Hey don't go eating a bunch of food you don't normally eat Flake, stick with what you know. All the best for Sunday, any of you guys doing the eve 10km/mara double?

Tesso said...

Better a heifer than a gelding :-)

See ya tomorrow!!!!!!!!

PS I tend to agree with Spud re changing the diet too much.

Eddie said...

See you tomorrow'll be the really big guy :)

Tom said...

You're beginning to sound like an Olsen twin. I'm sure you'll lose it all within the first 25km on Sunday.
Good luck and looking forward to reading the race report.

Matty said...

I've done the AIS carbo load a few times now and fortunately, I've rarely felt full. Like you, this was the first time I've ate muffins and luckily they go down nicely.

Good luck on Sunday, Flake!!!!


Martin said...

The only other bit of advice would be to back off the loading the day before, eat carb rich foods but don't eat them all day long, the body does not like being subjected something it's not used to.

It's the training you have done that will get you across the line, not stuffing a 1000 jelly snakes in your clacker! :)

26miles said...

Good luck Flake.

Don Juan said...

Best wishes Paul for the race.