Saturday, April 07, 2007

Striders Domain 10k Race-PB

First time I have run this course as I was marshalling last year and in Melbourne in 2005. Three loops of 3.3k and a final 100m to finish.
The start is along the flat of Farm Cove but then you have to turn up a hill and along Mrs Macquaries Rd towards the Art Gallery, and then through the Domain and back down the other side past the Boy Charlton pool. And Repeat. So the hill hammers you three times.

Got caught at the start behind Luke Skyrunner and the pram plus a group of about 6 people along the footpath, with no room to get past them until near the 1k mark. I reached that in 4:01 according to Sportsman who was running near me at the time and I was blocked from seeing the marker. The splits didn't get much better as from memory I was around 8/12/16 for the 2/3/4k markers. I wasn't liking what was happening. Struggled to the 5k in 19:42 and it was looking ugly. I figured at that stage 39:30 if I was lucky, awaiting the 2nd half fade.

Missed the 6k split but the 7k was reached in 26:47. Now how did I run 2k in 7:05. Now I think that 7k marker must have been in the wrong spot as I wasn't going that quick even if most of it is downhill. Anyway the 5k and the finish is correct so I don't care.
After thinking I was running heaps quicker I just tried to catch some runners ahead of me and not lose any spots. Got past three before the finish with one taking me back around Mrs Macs Chair.
A final sprint down along Farm Cove which is about 500m and I finished in 38:30. A 1 second PB but I'll take it anyway. Thanks very much. 5k-19:42, 5k-18:48. 10k-38:30. Love that 2nd 5k!
Conditions were shocking during the race with a 15 knot Southerly blowing, water on the course and we run part of it across grass making it a bit slow. Plus a few showers during the race as well.
I did have a battle with Blue Dog for awhile during the race as we were near each other during the 1st k, but after that I just heard him getting further and further behind me as he seemed to have a bad cold and was trying to cough up a lung every 5 metres.

Thanks for everyone's support. No sub 38 today but I'll blame the bad conditions and my tendency to start back from the line and getting blocked. But I'll take another PB.
See some of you in Canberra for the big show.


Tesso said...

At the risk of sounding like a broken record HUGE CONGRATS Flakey! That's an amazing negative split.

You need to set up a macro on you PC so it only takes one keystroke to type PB :-)

silverfox said...


That was a perfect hitout. Getting held up at the start was probably a blessing in disguise as a solid first 5kms to bring home the last 5 is ideal for your last hitout. You will be chomping at the bit sunday week. Best wishes in Canberra - I will be sending plenty of positive vibes your way fella.


TA and the Gnome said...

You must have found the right shoes to follow. Congrats on the new PB and on doing a good negative split. All the best for Canberra. I'll look forward to reading how you went.


Eddie said...

Congrats on the PB Flakey. It must have been the day for them as Horrie recorded one as well.

Tom said...

Sorry not to have caught up afterwards. Great result to have recorded a PB today particularly with a (huge) negative split on a course not suited for negative splits.
Looking forward to next week's post.

Horrie said...

You are running out of your skin at the moment Flake and your preparation for Canberra has gone along like clockwork. Good luck in your quest for a sub 3 next week. It would be great to see your training efforts rewarded with the result you have worked so hard for.

Spud said...

Jeez more PBs, nice one Flake, you are on fire at the moment, have a great run at Canberra, don't stress about the 50km go the sub 3hr 'thon and then let the 7.8kms take care of themselves.