Sunday, April 29, 2007

Heartbreak Hill & Back 19ks

A little late out today, what with the Cricket World Cup victory and a still sore ankle from yesterday. I wasn't that keen on running.
I finally headed out at midday, only 21 degrees so not too hot. Headed out on a hilly run up to Dover Heights and back via Heartbreak Hill.
The ankle kept letting me know it was sore with every second step. So the pace was a fair bit slower than I really wanted.

Total was 19ks in 1:34:53. Average pace of 4:59 per klm.

I was even spotted by CR Becky O in Waverley while I was out.

My parents took the photo today.

Hope the army truck is moved off the Striders North Head 10k course by next Saturday. It isn't exactly on the course, maybe 50m short of the start line. And no I did not run from South Head to North Head. Although that would make a great run. Watsons Bay to the City, cross the bridge and then run to Manly. Catch the ferry back to the Quay.
Edit: A couple more photo's of the carnage.


Spud said...

Unbelievable, how old was that arch?

Hamburglar said...


I was up there yesterday and saw the carnage - maybe I saw your parents? The arch has been there for about 100 years!

I might steal the photo if you don't mind.


Tesso said...

Idiot! The army guy that is, not you.

Hope the ankle thing doesn't trouble you for too much longer. At least running only hurts 50% of the time :)

2P said...


Tom said...

Do you know when it happened? I ran through that arch at about 8am. Daft buggers. They must have taken it at speed to cause that amount of damage.

Wouldn't worry about Saturday. Sounds like a classic case of post marathon blues. You'll have consolidated the miles in your legs by SMH Half and will be flying.

Blue Dog's Mum said...

Well after your Canberra run you had most of the butt-smoochers that post on this blog believing you could have walked across the water from South to North Head. What a difference a fortnight makes!

I was proud of the way Lil' Bluey brought you crashing back to earth with a good ol' arse-kickin at the 10k X-country. He ran with a broken leg, fractured skull, collapsed spine, impacted wisdom teeth and a bout of Parkinson's disease, so he had more injuries than you with your sore ankle and sacro-iliac crap.

Maybe you should stop nappin' and make it happen at Appin or the Dog will again be yappin'and rappin'.

Ewen said...

I think they'll be on the next plane to Iraq.

Eddie said...

I thought the Terrorists were our Arch Enemies.

What Blue Dog's Mum says has some merit Flakey. I can see why BD is such a tough bugger.