Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Flake Fartlek

Greeted with a strong southerly wind and a few showers tonight. Nothing too heavy in the rain department, more like drizzle actually.

The flake fartlek was back on the menu this week. The hip/whatever it is wasn't hurting at all so I went out for a run. Started near my house outside Centennial Park and ran down to Anzac Pde and up to Aussie Stadium and back.

Tried to run the floats faster than my usual slack efforts.

Ran 6.97ks in the 28 mins. Average pace of 4:01 per klm. Almost cracked the 7ks for the session. Did a 1k warmup and a 2k cooldown after the session.

1 comment:

Ewen said...

You should have rounded it up to 7.01k, then you would've been under 4 minute k pace.