Sunday, April 22, 2007

Park Run 17ks

I was out a bit late this morning. 8am after watching the nail biting dead rubber between The Windies and England.
Did a lap of Centennial Park around the grass trail and then started on a second lap including Queens Park and Moore Park in the process. Pretty slow on the sand and dirt today. Doesn't make for speedy running. Helps the feet though.
All up it came to 17.5ks in 1:31.41. Average pace of 5:14 per klm.

I think the pain I have is actually from the sacro-iliac joint. Feels like this due to my body collapsing to one side in pain sometimes according to the net. Rest and Relaxation sounds like a good plan for it. But I'm an amateur, what would I know.

Bought a couple of running books today while picking up my finally fixed camera. Six weeks, damn warranty.
The books were: Alberto Salazar's guide to road racing, and a biography of Percy Cerutty called Why Die? Should be interesting reading.


2P said...

The Cerutty book sounds interesting - wonder what he would say about hip injuries?

Hmmm Sydney Marathon huh....

nando said...

The Percy Cerutty book is a good read. Enjoy!

Tesso said...

Ah, the old sacro-iliac joint. I discoved mine early in the year when I fell down a couple of stairs. Not much fun that's what it is though hopefully the recovery will be as quick as mine was.

Horrie said...

Take care of that hip mate. You don't want to put yourself behind the 8 ball.

Ewen said...

Yes, should be a good one - Percy is a legend.

My 'answer to everything' is strengthening work - especially using pilates for the core.

silverfox said...


thanks for the kind words on the blog - much appreciated. Take it easy on yourself now, dont get sucked into the injury vortex, take it easy for a few more weeks. Get fresh and go from there - make the most out of the last few months hard work, dont waste it by getting injured by pushing too much too soon (imho).