Tuesday, April 03, 2007

6x1k Reps

Around the bay run with a very humid night and a good breeze blowing as well. Not very pleasant conditions to run in.
Anyway the session had to be done just so I can look good at Canberra next week.

The reps were 3:23, 3:25, 3:27, 3:28, 3:28, 3:30. All done with a 2 minute walk recovery between each rep. Had a 1k warmup and a 1k cool down after the session. Pretty weak effort to keep getting worse. Just couldn't pull any energy to make myself go faster.

Oh, BTW the first rep is the fastest I have ever run 1k. Excellent!


Tesso said...

Congrats on the 1k PB!

So you are now on target to do a "double hat trick" - how good is that!

Ewen said...

I spotted that 3:23! Keep going with those. When you're doing them in 3:15-3:20 the sub-17 will be close.

Tom said...

Flake - that's a great session. Looking forward to seeing the sub-38 at the weekend.