Thursday, April 19, 2007

Back into Business 12ks

I was feeling too sore earlier in the week to go for a run. Tonight the legs felt ok, I was just running a bit slow. My right hip didn't exactly like going for a run. I don't remember hurting it at all.
I ran around the outside of Centennial Park and down to Fox Studios and back. Mostly on grass to keep the legs happy.

Ran 12.1ks in 1:10:00. Average pace of 5:47 per klm.

Thanks for everyone's comments about Canberra. Yes I guess in my head I should have wiped out the thought of the 50k and gone harder for the sub 3hr. But I will say that from the start I was off the pace and just excepted that and ran at the best pace I could without blowing up. I really wanted to get through my first marathon in 2 years so I suppose was too scared to push it in case I did have a crap race. I should just have listened to Nike. 'just do it'.
I won't be running the Gold Coast Marathon as it will hurt all my plans for winter too much. I may do the half up there as I can recover pretty quick from one of them.


Gronk said...

Good to see your right back into it Flake.

PS. *looks around* Very blue in here !

26miles said...

Glad to see you not running the GC marathon - have a real crack at the half instead. Save yourself for a sub 3hr at Sydney.

Tesso said...

If you were off the pace from the start and tried to make up for it later then that could've become pretty messy. As it turned out you ran a marathon time most mere mortals can only dream of. I reckon you did the right thing.

So, Sydney Mara is it?

Blue Dog's Mum. said...

Yeah, you gave up early.