Saturday, April 28, 2007

Athletics NSW Novice 10k

Novice meaning I have not won an open medal in an athletics comp which is not a relay. Never going to happen so I can race the Novice for ever.
Huge mental let down today after feeling great mentally after the 50k. I really didn't feel like I was racing for some reason. Maybe because the course is 10k so I just figured I couldn't PB on a grass course. Who knows? Scarborough Park at Ramsgate was the course, grass and sandy soil.

We had about a dozen Striders running the Novice 10k today. They have no k markers at all so you just have to run hard and try and hold your form. Well I did that but it was just 4min/k pace.
Twisted my ankle a couple of times around the back end of the course but that really didn't hurt me I just ran like crap. I was running near Blue Dog and Nando for awhile and Blue Dog raced off after about 4k and nearly equalled his PB. Super Run. Nando just finished ahead of me. Horrie said he was chasing me and I did see him once.

Finished with 39:42. Pretty crap but a course PB by over 5 minutes. Ok I had just started running again last year. Road 10k and Striders 10k next week. Hope I can pull something decent out.


Tesso said...

Well done. It must be so hard to pace yourself without km markers.

Ewen said...

Not bad Paul. There's probably still a bit of that 50k in the legs.

By the way, I've been a novice since the early 80s!

Nigel and Bruce said...


We hope you can pull something decent out also.