Sunday, April 01, 2007

Davidson Recreation STaR-26ks

A Striders STaR starting over in East Lindfield. Very hilly and a fair bit of bush as well.
The run goes through Lindfield, Killara, Roseville and Castle Cove.
I was running with a group that including Sportsman, 26 Miles and Silverfox.

I opted to cut the run short but still had about 2ks of bush track to run on. Came back up off the track and back via the road. Caught up with Horrie and Grandpa now with crutches after the run.

All up 26.2ks in 2:10.11. Average pace of 4:58 per klm. Great cool running conditions this morning. The pace was good considering the run is rated H4 out of 5 for hills. That's high.


Ewen said...

I remember some great trails in that part of Sydney. Glad you're acclimatising to coolness. We're getting single digits overnights now :) Perfect weather for coffee drinking!

Eddie said...

That sounds like tough run Flakey.
Reading that the course took you through Roseville reminded me that that is where my late Dad grew up during the 1920's and 30's. I bet it has changed a bit since then.

Tesso said...

Its good being able to check other people's tapers. I was wondering if my flat 28k on Sunday was a bit much but seeing you did a hilly 26k makes me feel better :-)