Sunday, July 08, 2007

Balmain Bungle STaR-32ks

A very small 6:20am group this morning. Comprising of Springer, Silver Fox, Tom31 and we picked up 26miles on the way around.
The course goes through all the streets of Balmain with some great water views of the harbour with the sun coming up. Then it gets all boring with us running through Canterbury and Ashfield and around the back of Canterbury Racecourse and along the Cooks River. Springer peeled off short in Ashfield so the four of us ran the full course.

When we got back down to the Bay Run we decided to do the longer loop back around the bay to the finish.
I ended up with 32.42 klms in 2:29:14. Average pace of 4:36 per klm. The pace wasn't too bad considering the hilly nature of the first 10ks of the course with plenty of stairs in it. Keeps me fit for Sydney Marathon.


Tuggeranong Don said...

Phew, what a run! I don't Sydney could ever be a boring place to run. There's so many different suburbs to run through, each with a slightly different character. And those water views from time to time add some spice to the occasion as well. Great run there Flake.

Tesso said...

What a great weekend of running after suffering that flu. And you are a year older! Great confidence booster for September.

Ewen said...

I remember The Bungle. It was OK - a bit easy to get lost. Not as scenic as the Ten Bridges.

silverfox said...

That was a great hitout flakey, really enjoyed your company. No dissing south of the cooks river though fella - otherwise I will organise some local kids to nick your asics! 32.5kms is pretty impressive too, how did you measure? It certainly felt long but not quite that far - I might measure it on gmaps.