Thursday, July 12, 2007

Long Reps 3x2.5k

A very ugly session. Felt really tired and didn't want to run tonight.
Ran on a pretty flat course down to Fox Studios and back again.

The reps were 9:21, 9:26, 9:32. All done with a 5 minute walk recovery between reps.
I guess they should have been faster but the legs just wouldn't do it. Pity they got slower as I went along.


Eagle said...

Thanks for your recent interest in my Blogg and the kind comments after Gold Coast. I think the result was totally unexpected but I will take it. 5 years between sub 3's is a long time and I really thought it was beyond me physically but I suppose that proves you should never give up hope.

You training seems to be coming along fine. Yes I woud say 4.10 is marathon pace.

Staying at Jindy and no running in the days away. It my enforced taper for the Hunter marathon.

Tesso said...

Gee, you might be human after all ;-)

I'm sorry not to be running the full in Sydney, but at least doing the half I'll be back in time to cheer you in.

Tuggeranong Don said...

2.5 reps are long one and are tough on the body even when you feel zippy. I am sure you would still have got some training value from them.