Monday, July 09, 2007

Recovery Run 11ks

Not sure how I got that figure yesterday. Maybe the polar needs a bit of an update. Just worked it out with Google maps as about 31ks. Something weird there. Could depend on how the Striders measure the STaR course as well. If it is measured as racing line of 29.9ks then if you don't run like that in training which you can't really,as you have to cross roads at different points. I guess it could make it longer.
Maybe it is time I bought a Garmin and used some satellites to measure for me.

Tonight the calves were crying after all those concrete streets from yesterday. And probably the lack of long runs as well. Quite slow on the grass around Centennial Park.
Total was 11.9ks in 1:08:15. Average pace of 5:44 per klm.


silverfox said...


I measured on Gmaps and it was just short of 32kms so you werent far off.

Tuggeranong Don said...

Interesting comment, Flakey, you made about the concrete and sore calves. I generally run on soft tracks and trails around Canberra. I really notice it when I run on the harder stuff, as I do when I am traveling away from home. The surface really does make a difference.

Ewen said...

I thought 4:36/km was pretty quick.

The Garmin (esp the 305 models) is more accurate, except in places with tall buildings. Anyway, you can always check and edit routes afterwards in Sporttracks.