Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mona Fartlek

Did the real version of the Mona Fartlek tonight. Beforehand I did a 2k warmup. Pretty cold tonight and there were a heap of lights out around Centennial Park. Made it a bit hard to see the watch, especially when I was finishing with the 15 sec efforts.

So it was 2x90secs, 4x60secs, 4x30secs, 4x15secs. With equal float recoveries. I try to go flat out on the efforts and then keep the floats fast as well.

Finished with 5.18ks in the 20 minutes. Average pace of 3:51 per klm. Very hard work tonight. Don't know how I managed that much in the time.

Did a 2k cool down after the session.


Tesso said...

Gee, that average pace is so quick considering you include the floats. Well done.

Ewen said...

I always thought Mona was tougher than Flake. Well done Paul.