Sunday, July 29, 2007

Long Run with Bay Run Race in the middle

Left from home at 6am and ran up the road to meet Fake Plastic Trees along the way to the Bay Run race at Leichhardt. We ran basically along Anzac Pde, Down Cleveland St and then crossed and ran down Glebe Pt Rd to the water at Lilyfield. Then crossed the City West Link and down Lilyfield Rd to the start of the race near La Montage. All up it was 10.57ks for me in 1:00.08. Average pace of 5:41 per klm. A bit slow but I was running with a back pack and still have my cold in my lungs.

I wasn't expecting much from the race as it was my first run in 9 days. Just kept the pace consistent and tried to run around the bay easy without upsetting the lungs. Managed to keep all the k's under 4mins and then had the long last k to finish in 28:29. The race has never been 7k's despite advertising it as that. It always has been around 7.2 for the race. Actually measured as 7.17ks, so average pace of 3:58 per klm. Happy to just scrape under 4min ks. The lungs felt ok but the legs were another matter. Very heavy.

Ran back to Randwick with FPT after the race via the city this time across Anzac Bridge, Market St, Hyde Park and Oxford St. I'm sure that was uphill all the way from Leichhardt.
Total back was 11.38ks in 1:06.13. Average pace of 5:49 per klm. Legs were really hurting on the way back. I'm sure I was holding Rob up. Sorry.

Total for the day 29.12 klms. Time of 2:34.50. Average pace of 5:19 per klm.
Glad that day is over. Legs have been hurting all afternoon.
Thanks to Rob for the company on the runs down and back.


Spud said...

Nice way to get a race and a long run in on the same day.

Gnscon said...

I checked the pace on the way back and we just kept increasing in speed after the city. So sorry for pushing harder when you wanted a nice cool down. I had to get the bread and milk and was a bit concerned about time. My garmin measured the av pace on the way there as 5:26 and 5:24 on the way back. Maybe because I seem to stop the clock when waiting at lights etc...

Still I enjoyed the run and thanks for the company.

Ewen said...

A race in the middle of a long run makes the 'warm-down' interesting.

What happened to Sutho to Surf?

Tesso said...

Not a bad run for somebody who isn't 100%

Johnny Dark said...

Heavy legs or not you looked pretty smooth coming around Rodd Pt yesterday.