Saturday, July 07, 2007

Striders Homebush 10k

With 10 days off training with the flu I didn't think I had a chance this morning at getting close to any PB's.
The course at Homebush is not a favourite of mine as it involves doing tight turns in the carpark at the start and then the 5k point. Also having to do a tight turn up onto the busway and the two laps of the Wentworth Common sandpit. Enough excuses!

Arrived early and did a warmup. The hands were really cold at the start. Started out pretty well going through the 1st k in 3:35. Backed off after that and managed to cruise around the next 4k to come through the half way at 18:45. Looking good at that stage. I then proceeded to run 8mins for the next 2k blowing any chance of a 37:xx.

Pulled myself together to be 34:40 at the 9k mark. Unfortunately needing a 3:19 to run 37:xx. Well I did manage a 3:30 last k which was good.

Finished in 38:10. Just missed the PB by 5 seconds and the chance for a 37 something.
It was a course PB by 20 seconds from the race in March.
Wasn't feeling too good after the race, with TigerAngel saying my face was a bit white. Probably from the lack of air in my lungs. Damn flu has a lot to answer for.

Next week is the Aths NSW Short Course Cross Country at Horsley Park around a Horse paddock. I might do King of the Mountain on Sunday at Nowra. Not sure yet.


Ewen said...

Good Flake - very close to sub-38. Did you beat Blue Dog's Mum?

You should do KOM. I'll buy you a cappuccino if you beat my 2:30 PB from 1988.

Horrie said...

Nice run Flake. Considering you were just recovering from the flu, 5 seconds outside your PB is a great effort. I hate to see how fast you will run when fully fit.

Jen_runs said...

Fantastic result given how sick you have been - well done!