Monday, July 16, 2007

Recovery Run 7ks

Pretty cold tonight. Well I was putting out a fair bit of steam and that was before I had even started running. Did a lap of Centennial Park around the outside. A fair bit on the grass.
Calves felt a bit sore after the race yesterday, but the Quads were fine.

Ran 7.3ks in 41:42. Average pace of 5:42 per klm. Nice and easy.


Blue Dog's Mum. said...

Dear Pauline,

Two races in two days on the weekend!

You really are pushing your luck, knowing how soft and injury-prone you are.

Speaking of injuries, you are well overdue for another clanger.

Please let us know exactly what the nature of the damage is by posting on this lame blog.

We eagerly await your news.

Tesso said...

My physio reckons a recovery run is the best thing, moreso than a day off running and a stretching session. I have trouble convincing my legs that though.