Sunday, March 02, 2008

Centennial Park 36ks

I awoke this morning with pain in my heel while intending to do the Striders Balmain Bungle STaR. While walking around the house it didn't get any better, so I headed for ice therapy and then went back to bed. Must have trod on a rock or something during the race yesterday. Although I do remember slamming into the last speed hump pretty hard with my heal when I was heading for the finish.

Finally headed out about 5pm for a run around Centennial Park. Did a few different loops around the park. It was nice and cool with the breeze. Great to run in.

Total was 35.7ks in 2:41.12. Average pace of 4:30 per klm. I guess it helps to run fast when you do it on a predominantly flat course.

Thanks Ewen. I know I have the speed over 3ks. Might have a run at SMC this month. Running with Easy Tiger might get me to run faster.


glenda said...

Great long run. Only a couple more of those, then the taper begins, my favourite part of training.

Ewen said...

SMC 3k? I guess the 3000 track PB will have to wait until next season.

That was a good run and pace. I'm thinking Centennial Park would be good to try 'lap' long runs. Steve L does these in Tokyo (it's something Japanese marathoners do). 30+k with laps of 3 to 4km, recording splits to check on pacing.

This is a hard week? I suppose Tom is doing 10 x 1200 at 5k race pace.